Job Hazard Analysis


JHA Template 1
Simple JHA with minimum required fields for easy competition.

JHA Template 2
JHA with equipment and PPE checklist included.

JHA Template 3
JHA with PPE checklist and required equipment checklist

JHA Template 4
JHA with expanded details section and general comments text

JHA Template 5
JHA with expanded task description section and general comments

JHA Template 6
Hybrid JHA with risk assessment built in

JHA Template 7
Simple JHA with expanded PPE text field

JHA Template 8
JHA with Safety and Health Considerations section


Tailgate Meetings


Tailgate Meeting 1
Most common, suitable for all organizations

Tailgate Meeting 2
Expanded meeting form w/ problems, corrective actions, etc.


Inspections, Audits, Surveys


Inspection Template 1
Used heavily by electrical contractors

Inspection Template 2
General inspection/site survey

Inspection Template 3
General site safety evaluation

Site Safety Survey
General site safety survey


Jobsite Safety Survey
General jobsite safety survey


Hazards & Observations


Other Safety Modules


Accident Investigations



Crane Inspection

Equipment Inspection

Excavation Inspection

Excavation Assessment


Take 5