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Job Hazard Analysis

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 Mobile First and Easy to Use

Identify and mitigate hazard risk of specific jobsite tasks in a quick, effective, and powerful manner with our JHA module. Determine the appropriate training and PPE needed to stay safe while performing potentially hazardous work.

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Ready to Use JHA Templates

Choose from 8 JHA, JSA, and Pre Tasking Planning templates designed by construction safety professionals from various trades.

We understand Job Hazard Analysis are often specific to your firm and can build a template to mirror your current JHA process.

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Elevate Your Three Step JHA

All of our JHA, JSA, and Pre-Task Planning templates include the industry standard “three column” approach. Users can pre-populate a Procedure Set library for simple point and click creation of Job Hazard Analysis.

Features Overview

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We understand writing and typing tasks, hazards, and hazard controls can be time consuming. This is why we developed all our Job Hazard Analysis templates to include the ability to preload Procedure Sets that can be quickly added to any JHA record. Users find the procedure sets feature to save valuable time in the field.

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Each and every JHA, JSA, or Pre-Task Planning template can be configured to include checklists. Common checklists include safety equipment required for the job, PPE required for the job, and tools used for the job. Need other checklist items? Not a problem, our development team can configure a JHA to your exact needs.



Find yourself creating daily JHAs with similar information from previous days? Our Quick Duplicate feature allows users to quickly copy a previous JHA, JSA, or Pre-Task Plan record. The copied record will retain all of the three column content but will reset high level details like date, attendees, etc.

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