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AnchoRock gives general construction professionals a platform to manage expectations while reducing the time it takes to accomplish mission-critical safety and compliance tasks. Thousands of field leads use the platform daily to organize/store data, manage their crew’s certifications, & protect themselves from audits and legal proceedings, all while achieving the most critical result, increased safety & safety education for all team members on site.

AnchoRock Construction Compliance Management Software

The General Contractor’s Safety Partner

The AnchoRock mission can be summed up in three words – safety made simple. Job sites around the globe are becoming busier and more fast-paced than ever before and general construction companies find themselves balancing things like tight deadlines and safety compliance, where one almost always comes at the expense of the other.

AnchoRock Job Hazard Analysis Program

Mitigate Risk Before you Begin With Job Hazard Analysis

With a wide range of templates at your fingertips, our Job Hazard Analysis module makes it easy for general contractors to identify potential hazards on any job site and determine the necessary training and protective equipment for their crew. And, with the ability to access, manage and share past JHA records from any device, it’s never been easier to stay OSHA-compliant and on top of safety regulations.

AnchoRock’s JHA tool streamlines the process, making it especially simple for field personnel to complete, organize and distribute job hazard analysis with just a few clicks. 

AnchoRock’s JHA module allows general contractors to access it from any device, whether a phone, tablet, or desktop, so you can complete a JHA and access past records wherever you are. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to use, regardless of age, technical skill, or background.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Management Toolbox Talks Tailgate Meetings

Start The Day Right With Toolbox Talks

AnchoRock’s Toolbox Talks module improves how general contractors handle job site safety with a range of user-friendly features that make operations more efficient. With a deep library of over 70+ safety topics and the ability to upload your own topics, contractors can get started immediately. Other key features that general contractors love are:

  • Easy digital signatures
  • Ability to fully document meetings
  • Compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Real-time auditing of toolbox performance and attendance

Toolbox Audits ensure compliance with OSHA and company protocols. Additionally, the module offers a range of analytics and insights, including completion percentages, employee insights, and a “History by Person” feature that allows you to view a transcript of user and meeting attendance.

Safety Docs

Messy binders full of disorganized paperwork are now a thing of the past. AnchoRock’s Safety Docs instantly puts crucial documents into the hands of every superintendent and foreman on the job site. 

AnchoRock’s safety compliance software acts as a digital binder that you can share with your team at a moment’s notice. Save countless hours hunting down and organizing important documents, ensuring your team has what they need to perform their job safely and efficiently. 

Never get caught without the right paperwork again. With an easy-to-use interface in the office and out in the field, general contractors no longer need to choose between working faster or more safely.

AnchoRock OSHA Compliance Software Program
AnchoRock Compliance Management Software

Safety For the Whole Jobsite

General construction contractors have countless safety training documents and requirements to track, update, and deliver when the time calls for it for large numbers of on-site workers. Since the dawn of OSHA and safety compliance, this work has been done on clipboards and legal pads, resulting in unknown amounts of pertinent information being lost to the wind, the back of the truck, or beneath a spilled cup of coffee. Now with AnchoRock, general contractors can do it all from a mobile device and ensure the entire team is up to spec with the tap of a button. It’s our job to help you do yours safely.

“AnchoRock safety software allows us to put an emphasis on safety in everything we do. This in turn creates a safer and more productive work environment.”

Blaine, Safety Director

Design Electric Co.

“Accessing our safety documentation in AnchoRock is 100 times easier than filing paper documents in a cabinet or even scanning them into our network folders.”

Gary, Construction Manager

Boyett Construction

“AnchoRock had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a click away in one platform. The ease of use makes it easy to train front line workers. It’s the best all-around document management system and compliance tool for the price.”

Keith, Safety Director

Monterey Mechanical

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