Accidents are unavoidable, especially in the construction industry. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize efforts that put safety and compliance at the forefront and make accidents as avoidable and infrequent as possible.

After all, the brave field staff on jobsites across the industry are constantly interacting with hazardous machinery, heights, tools, energy, and more that put them at high-risk of injury. Both historically and presently, falls comprise more than 30% of construction-related deaths every year. These tragedies can not only cost millions in safety violations and damages, but they can do permanent reputational damage to your business that’s impossible to fully recover from.

All that to say, our industry has a problem, and it’s time we all made a more concerted effort to reduce risks, prioritize safety, and keep our brave field workers as safe as can possibly be.

That’s why AnchoRock, in participation with Acroro, is helping lead a game-changing conference on Monday, October 3rd that will help inform and foster the most comprehensive safety and training management across the industry.

Taking Safety Training, Oversight, and Compliance to the Next Level

AnchoRock has recently partnered with Arcoro to make its field-first safety software more accessible and compatible than ever. By integrating with Arcoro’s LMS, you can easily access compliance tools, certification information, toolbox talks, OSHA restrictions, and any other element of your digitized safety program.

Some of the amazing benefits that this partnership provides include:

  • One platform to manage all aspects of a construction safety program including an easy-to-use app
  • Field staff can quickly and efficiently create, submit and track OSHA-mandated safety processes
  • Managers, safety teams and office staff have instant access to all safety data for reporting and recordkeeping
  • The integration with Arcoro’s LMS means real-time access to completed OSHA training and certifications

Put our new partnership to work for your construction company. Get more information in this datasheet.

Featuring Taylor Thorn, Founder & CEO of AnchoRock

AnchoRock was founded in 2018 by veterans of the construction and technology industries who saw a concerning gap in construction safety and compliance applications and began to make a connection to the frequency of safety mishaps on construction sites.

Taylor had prior experience working with business start-ups developing mobile project solutions. He also worked for a technology company where he helped bring a simple tailgate talk application to market, which is where he found inspiration for AnchoRock.

The ‘toolbox talk’ app he’d deployed earlier was met with widespread enthusiasm from the industry and got Taylor thinking . . . what if there was a cloud-based solution for all things safety and compliance, a sort of one-stop-shop application that could be adopted by construction professionals across hundreds of specialties

At our conference, Taylor will share how he sought to create a tool that would be easy enough to use in a fast-paced environment like construction job sites but robust enough to provide useful insights and analytics to safety teams across organizations.

Join Us Monday, October 3rd

AnchoRock’s partner Arcoro, a leading HR solution built for construction, is hosting its inaugural Arizona Construction Workforce Management Conference in Phoenix on Monday, October 3rd.

Join us there to learn every key facet of construction safety and workforce management, including:

  • Best practices for finding and retaining talent in challenging times
  • How to build efficiencies and save money by leveraging and integrating the right technology
  • The importance of having a plan to manage change and a strong culture to solve inevitable challenges

Ideal attendees work in HR, Finance, or Field Operations for construction companies with 75 or more employees.

We’ll have sessions from 9:30a to 3:00p that includes a roster of industry-leading experts who will discuss everything from the culture that drives recruitment and retention, technology in construction, contractor case studies, and a huge list of company reps and tech experts to network with.

It’s also completely free, with breakfast and lunch provided.

Seats are limited so register RIGHT NOW!