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If there is one thing that all professionals have in common, it might well be disdain for administrative activities that are not directly focused on their area of expertise.

Construction professionals rank high amongst those who spend a significant portion of their time – as much as 35% according to a recent survey – on such tasks. Given the impact on productivity and ROI, this is an issue that begs for a solution. The specific tasks that merits special attention here are Compliance, Certification, and Training management.

Compliance and certification training is the process of educating your team on the local and national laws and policies that are applicable to their work roles. For those in the EHS industry, that includes OSHA. Regardless of size, every organization faces compliance management issues in the effort to satisfy governmental regulations, meet industry standards, or to acquire and maintain qualifications and certifications.

Software-based management systems provide a solution that can reduce direct costs associated with certification requirements management, as well as avoiding unexpected costs for work-related injuries and other non-compliance issues. According to one study by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), businesses inspected by OSHA “saved an estimated $355,000 in injury claims and compensation paid for lost work” in the four years after inspections.

AnchoRock’s new Certification and Training module is a software tool that manages Workforce Certification and Training Programs in the General and Construction Industries. Training sessions are managed directly on a tablet (out in the field or in the office) and support the ability to associate multiple trainings for an unlimited number of employees to a single training session. Upon completion of a training session, all attendees will instantly have their employee profile updated with the respective certifications. Safety program managers have access to a Training Directory (on tablet) for quick-access to employee training history and certification records.  AnchoRock Certification and Training  provides a centralized, cloud-based view of the status of the organization’s training programs and up-to-the minute reporting on employee participation.


As we have all learned through experience, a software solution must be embraced by all stakeholders in order to be effective. A key to meeting that challenge is to have a solution that is easy to learn and easy to use, especially at job sites. AnchoRock software runs on tablets, so they are portable and present a common user interaction model.

Another concern is adaptability, or how easily a solution fits in with existing processes. One of AnchoRock’s core value propositions is the ability to configure our solutions to suit your preferred workflows. And because the new Certification and Training  module is part of our complete suite of Job Site Software solutions, certification tracking and training data will interoperate with real world industry activities like tailgate meetings.

Collecting data is the ‘easy’ part of Certification and Training Management; interpreting that data and putting it to good use is a much bigger challenge. Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics are at the core of what we do, so you can be assured that you will get maximum benefit from the information in terms of both the current situation and longer term trends.

Certification and Training are critical tasks that might not be considered part of a construction business’ core strength but which can have significant impact on the viability of the operation. AnchoRock solutions streamline data collection and management tasks so you can focus on the fundamentals.

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