Customer Success Story: Monterey Mechanical

Easy to train, all-in-one document management and compliance tool

AnchoRock Compliance Management Solutions

“AnchoRock had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a click away in one platform. The ease of use makes it easy to train front line workers. For supervision and workers to have in their hands at all times, with the accessibility to details of their daily tasks, and documentation needed.

It’s the best all-around document management system and compliance tool for the price. No searching boxes or chasing paper documents. Covid inspections, training records, incidents, certifications, anything you need is at the tip of your finger, with records of everything that’s been done.”

Keith Oxford,

Safety Director


Foreman using the platform

Daily Pre Task Plans created yearly

Tailgate Meetings created yearly

COVID Daily Screenings created yearly

Inspections created yearly

Certificates issued and tracked within the platform

Case Study


Over the last 75 years, Monterey Mechanical has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and respected construction contractors in Northern California. Monterey Mechanical specializes in complex water/wastewater, industrial facilities, metals fabrication and installation, HVAC, and odor control projects.


  • Company-wide implementation as a result of all-in-one nature and dummy-proof simplicity
  • Massive amounts of time saved company-wide thanks to foremen having full-access to all data, docs, and info at their fingertips
  • Time is money and costs have measurably reduced as a result of greater hazard awareness or more seamless communication
  • Increased awareness, transparency, and oversight means hazards are addressed before they become incidents


When the recently-hired Safety Director position was taken over, it became clear that there was a historical lack of documentation. Right away, Monterey Mechanical needed something that could store, record, and manage safety and compliance documents. It not only had to be comprehensive in the level of transparency it allowed the new director, it also had to be easy enough to use that field workers could diligently upload and send reports.

Other companies Monterey Mechanical explored for this solution had merits but none that provided the type of “all-in-one” solution that could guarantee field buy-in. The industry-wide process of maintaining records on an overlong Excel spread or storing a box of compliance documents in the back of someone’s truck had to end. A platform to document and share daily pre-task plans, toolbox talks, and inspections was long overdue.

Monterey also needed a tool that could integrate into their existing workflows, including Procore, without upending all of their existing processes. Lastly, this platform needed to easily organize vaccinated workers and unvaccinated workers to maintain safety regulations in the eyes of OSHA.

All-digital safety management tool


Monterey Mechanical had two main priorities when searching for the ideal platform to aid their efforts: 1) comprehensive, all-in-one safety and compliance capabilities and 2) ease-of-use for the end user. Simplicity was ultimately the selling point; if field people can’t wrap their heads around or make time for clunky software, it’ll never stick. Monterey needed solutions at their fingertips and just a couple clicks away.

Even existing, industry-standard software, helpful as it’s been, is still too complex for the everyday field user; some of them even require the use of several dedicated apps or platforms that are meant to be used simultaneously. In the field, toolbox talks traditionally require hard-copy signatures and documentation outlining what was discussed. Similarly, compliance documentation entails even more contextual documents and signatures.

To make life easier for everyone, Monterey Mechanical needed a way to easily attach, manage, and report all of their documents within a dead-simple platform. Streamlining safety data sheets, and managing them within an easy document library that can be instantly attached to pre-task plans, was another essential and necessary tool.


Monterey Mechanical explained that working with the AnchoRock team has been an excellent, seamless experience.

When the new safety manager arrived, he had a slew of original ideas to help custom-configure the software to suit their needs, as well as to strengthen the overall product for other commercial construction companies. AnchoRock was able to develop, deliver, and integrate every unique solution Monterey requested. Routine cadence calls and check-ins meant that they maintained a constant feedback loop to better adjust Monterey’s modules.

With a team of dedicated developers, AnchoRock is able to make quick, custom-configured changes to adjust the platform to suit any needs. Once everything was successfully deployed, they continued to stay on-call for any additional thoughts, tweaks, or needs.

Since implementing AnchoRock company-wide, safety management has never been simpler. One click from any device brings the user to a pre-task plan. Easy dictation means he’s able to speak directly to his iPad about that day’s work and the software does the rest. He’s pinged as soon as safety inspections are completed and is made aware of those who don’t complete them in time.

With great transparency comes greater oversight, meaning more real-time observations that create a greater overall awareness of hazards and an easy way to assign someone to resolve them. Communication is exponentially more efficient by allowing seamless back-and-forth with immediate notifications and insight. No one operates in a vacuum.

Everyone in the office and field has access to the exact same information. It couldn’t be easier to upload files to the document library. Gathering signatures is now a breeze. Reviewing progress and conducting simple, automated audits of pre-task plans is completely painless.

All of which adds up to a huge increase in safety awareness, meaning fewer incidents. The fewer incidents, the more time and money saved.