Customer Success Story: Design Electric

Anywhere, anytime access with AnchoRock's construction safety management software

My experience with AnchoRock has been exceptional. The attention to detail and ability to customize has been more than I could have hoped for. With AnchoRock deployed across all of our projects, we are better able to communicate our needs not only from a productivity and planning perspective but also from a safety
standpoint. AnchoRock’s sets us apart from the competition and wins us more business.

Blaine Burrow

CFO & Safety Director

Case Study


Founded in 1980, Design Electric specializes in the commercial and utility industries with a focus on television stations, remediation of Yosemite National Park, and control buildings for the utility industry throughout the state of California. Design Electric’s reputation for high quality craftsmanship and stellar safety standards has set them apart from the competition.

PG&E Substations // Southern California Edison Substations

Oakhurst, California

Blaine Burrow, CFO & Safety Director


The team at Design Electric is experiencing the value of implementing mobile software on the jobsite. The customer is confident the right data is now always accessible by all stakeholders within the company. The team is seeing productivity increase, reduction in rework, and a safety program that is compliant and forward thinking.


AnchoRock deployed the following modules for Design Electric: Document Control, Workflow Management, and Jobsite Safety. Customization was also performed to create a new Daily Log feature that is now available to all customers. AnchoRock’s deployment team guided the customer through each stage of implementation.


Design Electric recently found that its record keeping methods were not following trends within the industry. Management at Design Electric understood the future of its business will be driven by construction technology and needed a solution to fit specific needs.

User-friendly compliance software


Design Electric sought a solution that would completely digitize the way data is collected, managed, stored, and shared on the jobsite. Turning paper-centric workflows into digital collection of information from tablets was of utmost importance. Lastly, a software that could better manage the safety program was key.