Customer Success Story: Blackwater Electric

AnchoRock continues to save Blackwater hundreds of man hours per month

AnchoRock's software helps construction companies automate safety programs

“Designed data collection is the cutting edge in safety management and performance. This data is critical in providing the most proactive responses to reduce injury severity and probability. AnchoRock and their team allow our safety professionals to identify and document occurrences effectively and efficiently with their customizable platform. Their team has worked with us to mold their tools around our proven safety program. Positive organizational safety culture only occurs with high level communication. AnchoRock allows us to communicate through the lens on our safety program in the most simple and resourceful way. They are a great example of how safety and production can work in harmony to support healthy employees and business continuity. What you accept, is what you teach.”

Zach Ramos,

Director of Safety


Foreman using the platform:

Pre Task Plans created monthly:

Tailgate Meetings created monthly:

Equipment Inspections created monthly:

Records created across all modules monthly:

Certificates issued and tracked within the platform:

Case Study


Blackwater Electric Company, Inc. is proud to serve industrial, commercial, and government clients with full-service, licensed electrical contracting services. Through hard work and a commitment to providing first-class products and services to our customers, they have grown from a home-based operation to their current corporate offices in Chesapeake, Virginia and satellite facilities in Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, North Carolina.


In less than 1 year, Blackwater Electric estimates they’ve saved the full salaries of two Safety Managers by deploying AnchoRock company-wide

Sizeable increase in accident prevention as well as a measurable decrease in safety incidents

10-20 hours of manual work saved per user per month, giving Foremen and the entire Safety Team significant time back (particularly with compliance documentation for federal work)

Ability to rapidly address hazardous situations via seamless, mobile-friendly communication

Allows managers to review more information and create reports all in one place


When it comes to document management, the construction industry has been exclusively reliant on messy Excel matrices and laborious, time-consuming file keeping for just about all of time. Contractors on average spend 10-20 hours per month on tedious hard-copy documentation that’s difficult to both file, reference, and manage.

Electronic document management solutions do exist, but they’re rigid solutions with a one-size-fits all approach for construction companies of all shapes, sizes, and specialties. None provided configurable, AI-backed software that conforms to client-specific needs. Similar solutions that Blackwater Electric tested only met around 10% of their overall needs.


Blackwater Electric needed to establish more detailed oversight of their safety and training programs without the need for any additional safety staff. They also sought the ability to manage KPIs through comprehensive document management.

Understanding how much time every contractor was spending on documentation, they sought to digitize the full breadth of their compliance and safety management documents. They also wanted to take advantage of mobile solutions and use AnchoRock’s software as a communication portal for field observations and hazard identification, helping to encourage more safety diligence and increase accident prevention.


In early conversations, Blackwater Electric made clear that our digitization, configurable modules, agile software, and seamless mobility were leaps and bounds beyond other vendors advertising similar solutions. Not only was our application more intuitive, configurable, and easy for in-field personnel to adopt, but our on-call team of developers helped establish an ongoing, value-based partnership beyond the product itself.

Once Blackwater Electric decided to move forward, AnchoRock met with key stakeholders once per week to discuss priorities and share updates before progressing to field tests with key foremen and training. After they were ready to deploy, we continued to meet with them weekly to provide a continual feedback loop about what could be improved to make the software more robust and feature-rich.

We also created eight custom-configured modules to help digitize their specific workflows:

Forklift Pre-Use Inspection

Pre-Task Analysis

Scissor Lift Inspection

Excavator Pre-Use Inspection

Trench & Excavation Checklist

Tailgate Meetings

Foreman Jobsite Inspection

Skid Steer Pre-Use Inspection

Bucket Truck Inspection

Among AnchoRock’s greatest benefits to Blackwater was how it enabled them to see all safety and compliance data in real time. Thanks to the data visualization and transparency made available across mobile devices, it’s now seamless for managers to access key insight into who is doing what and, in turn, who isn’t keeping up with the company’s needs. It’s a level of visibility that paper simply cannot offer.

Foremen in the field are able to review and report important safety measures in real time. Compliance standards are now available as an in-field resource, along with other HR resources. The software allows them to be thorough, rapid, and comprehensive, as well as identify more oversights or opportunities because information is consistent and readily available.

And behind the software is an immensely capable (human!) team willing to configure programs and software to better suit Blackwater’s real-time needs.