Customer Success Story: Anderson Howard

Anderson Howard bolsters safety program while saving time and money

Streamline daily field tasks with AnchoRock's construction software

“As soon as an incident happens, our HR, operations, supes, and safety team are instantly notified. Features like that have made the safety program a lot stronger and a lot more accessible. AnchoRock has been a great team to work with and a great product that I would absolutely recommend.”

Casi Lozano

Senior VP


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Case Study


Anderson Howard is a specialty contractor and consultant providing unmatched performance. For 58 years, they’ve cultivated relationships with owners, architects, engineers, contractors and partners to provide the industry with leading electrical and low voltage installation and maintenance services.

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  • Full buy-in from all field personnel
  • Easy to use, understand, adopt platform that makes communication and documentation more efficient
  • Tailor-made safety program that increases safety awareness and accountability
  • Greater company-wide transparency
  • Instant employee verification


Anderson Howard needs a platform to help organize, manage, and streamline their jobsite safety program. After trying a number of software-based solutions, Anderson Howard felt increasingly like a square peg being forced into a round hole; in other words, these one-size-fits-all solutions provided little to no flexibility or configurability. Although they may have helped in some areas, they neglected or overcomplicated the big picture.

Construction industry (safety and compliance) documentation is still largely reliant on manual input and hard-copy file-keeping, costing individuals hours every week in due diligence. Detailed historic records are already difficult to maintain, as well as time-consuming to cross-reference even when they are maintained.

Anderson Howard needed an application that didn’t just provide a solution but also allowed for configurability, all while being simple and nimble. Afterall, even the best software can be undone by a steep learning curve that isn’t sufficiently adopted in-field. In addition to software, they required a team of insightful, responsive, and experienced human beings to develop custom modules, train employees, and stay in constant contact to turn dials and make adjustments as needed.

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Anderson Howard needed a one-stop shop for safety documentation, a singular platform capable of managing every document and piece of information relevant to each element of their safety program. They knew the only practical way to ensure buy-in from foremen and other employees was creating a system that was easy to adopt, dummy-proof to use, and comprehensive in its handling of safety functions.

Putting field personnel and safety team members with every safety document at their fingertips was crucial, as was making accessibility completely effortless. Safety meetings and inspections documents needed to be confined to one platform where employees could easily fill out forms and instantly share with whoever they needed to.

Safety incident reports also needed containment and streamlining. Rather than email chains and disparate pieces of information, Anderson Howard needed a simple module that prompts employees to fill, submit, and automatically report every necessary detail.


As the only platform that could provide a singular, all-in-one solution for all of their safety and compliance management, as well as the ability to tailor-make modules and reconfigure any module on the fly, AnchoRock was ultimately Anderson Howard’s provider of choice.

Right away Anderson Howard noticed a big difference in AnchoRock’s onboarding approach; a healthy, helpful amount of collaboration upfront made the team comfortable with accepting a new piece of software and changing their workflow.

AnchoRock also allows them to try a variety of modules to get a sense of what fit their existing processes and how the modules could be configured to better suit their needs. Safety programs and forms that Anderson Howard had on paper or PDF were quickly converted into tailor-made modules. Any other needs identified were quickly addressed, configured, and added to their suite of modules.

The greatest benefit is the immense amount of time-savings on two fronts: documentation and communication. The ability to digitize records and upload them to a platform that instantly analyzes, files, and shares them saves a tremendous amount of manual data input.

Similarly, by putting everyone on a singular platform with access to the same synchronous, cloud-based information, users can review anything that’s happening on any job at all times. From safety meetings to any and everything else, information is made accessible, transparent, and easily shareable.

It’s a much more efficient process that saves a lot of money as well; from reductions in safety incidents, saving valuable man-hours on a daily or weekly basis, and removing the need for thick jobsite binders, it’s helped Anderson Howard’s bottom line significantly.

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