QR Codes For Certificate & Training

Learn how to leverage QR codes technology to allow safety personnel to instantly access, track, and manage certifications and training from the field — all from one compliance management system.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Program QR Codes

A Game Changer For Construction Safety

Through QR functionality, AnchoRock can now provide a new level of construction safety and compliance for field personnel. With just a quick scan of an employee’s QR codes, safety directors and site managers can gain instant access to that person’s training and certification records.

When an individual is added to the system, AnchoRock automatically generates a QR codes for them. These codes can also be easily printed on stickers and badges.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Management

2 QR Codes Features. 1 Perfect Safety Solution

The AnchoRock QR codes feature is available in two options: a private QR codes and a public QR codes. 

The private QR codes requires the user to be logged in to the AnchoRock construction safety app to be able to scan the QR codes, while the public QR codes can be scanned from any mobile device camera and does not require a AnchoRock app login.

AnchoRock Construction Management Certification

Public QR Codes For Certificate And Training Data Retrieval

Gone are the days of fumbling through file folders or making a phone call to three office people to gather and verify certificate and training data for field staff. 

The AnchoRock public QR codes feature allows anyone to scan a QR codes quickly to instantly access a specific individual’s certification and training history. The public QR codes is open to anyone with a mobile device camera. Simply scan the QR codes with a mobile device camera, and you will be taken to a web page that displays the specific individual’s certification and training data.

The QR codes can be placed on a badge or printed on a hard-hat sticker. This QR codes will be a direct link to the employee certification and training history and is perfect for when someone outside of your company may need to review an employee’s training history. Once scanned, you’re brought to a comprehensive snapshot that includes the employee’s name, company name, title, certificate names, issued dates, expiration dates, and certificate images.

Private QR Codes For Added Security

Our alternative option for QR codes scanning for certification and training history retrieval is a private QR codes. 

This QR codes is different from our public QR codes in that it requires someone to be logged into the AnchoRock mobile app to then be able to scan an employee’s QR codes. Upon scan, the user will be taken to the employee directory within the mobile app to view the employee’s certification and training data. 

This private option is best for those who don’t want their employees’ certification and training data to be available to anyone upon scanning the QR codes. If you are tracking sensitive data via our certification and training tool, then the private QR codes will ensure only the right eyes can see the employee certification and training data.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Program QR Codes
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“AnchoRock safety software allows us to put an emphasis on safety in everything we do. This in turn creates a safer and more productive work environment.”

Blaine, Safety Director

Design Electric Co.

“Accessing our safety documentation in AnchoRock is 100 times easier than filing paper documents in a cabinet or even scanning them into our network folders.”

Gary, Construction Manager

Boyett Construction

“AnchoRock had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a click away in one platform. The ease of use makes it easy to train front line workers. It’s the best all-around document management system and compliance tool for the price.”

Keith, Safety Director

Monterey Mechanical

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