Inspections & Observations

With AnchoRock’s construction compliance management software, you can instantly manage, organize, and share inspection reports for job sites, equipment, and more!

AnchoRock Compliance Management Solutions Inspections and Observations

Inspections Have Never Been Easier

More importantly? Your crew has never been safer. Our inspections are feature-packed to streamline your day-to-day safety management, making it as easy and safe as it can be.

Increase Accountability Efficiency

Say goodbye to hard copies, stacks of paperwork, and multi-step inspections. AnchoRock’s feature-forward Inspections tool completes, organizes, and distributes any job site or equipment inspection with just a few clicks from any device. Your safety program is due for a 21st-century makeover!

AnchoRock Compliance Management Solutions Inspections and Observations
AnchoRock Compliance Management Solutions Inspections and Observations

Streamline The Inspection Process

This is more than a “digital form.” This is a pillar of your comprehensive, digitized safety and compliance program built from the ground up for instant access from any device. Here are a few ways AnchoRock streamlines your inspections:

• 30+ Templates: Dozens of customized forms with fields specific to your job site or business, as well as personalized inspection templates

• Notes & Photos: Easily add notes and attach photos to any inspection with a single click

• Instant Corrective Action: Share actions, photos, and notes in real-time with field personnel to keep everyone informed and accountable

• Quick Share: Instantly generate a PDF report with inspection details, high-level metrics, and trends

• Auto Alerts: Set email or push notifications to specific people or groups based on inspection results

Manage Everything From The Palm Of Your Hand


Phone, tablet, or desktop, no matter what you’re using, you can complete a full inspection, as well as access, manage, and share any inspection information at any time.


Intuitive layouts, minimalist design. No matter your age, technical skill, or background, AnchoRock is easy for everyone to use, especially field personnel.


Digitized inspections means less hassle, instant communication, and automatic organization. Spend less time preparing, organizing, and reporting and more time actually inspecting.


Safer job sites mean fewer hazards, fewer delays, and less money spent on incidents, insurance, or safety personnel.

AnchoRock Compliance Management Solutions Inspections and Observations

Strengthens Collaboration Between Site And Office

Something from your inspection requires a follow-up? With one click, you can create an Observation from any Inspection for deeper analytics.

It’s easier than ever with our condensed Quick Form Observations, which are designed to be fast and fool-proof to save time and encourage field buy-in. With only four form fields and the ability to capture images, you can create a detailed follow-up in seconds and immediately notify any necessary field staff to take action.

Observations are available anywhere within the AnchoRock app. No matter what screen you’re viewing, an always-on shortcut in your menu provides a form for immediate completion and distribution.

• Faster than Ever: Designed with efficiency at the forefront, Quick Observations include only four fields and allows instant photo upload

• Easy Access: Create an Observation from anywhere within the app using one click

• Deeper Analytics: Includes even greater detail and metrics relevant to the Inspection

Everything You Need To Stay On The Same Page, Keep Things Under Control, And Grow Your Business

Engage Your Workforce. Digitize Your Safety Program


Electricians, plumbers, general contractors, roofers –no matter what part of the industry you work in, we’ve created personalized, sector-specific templates to make your inspections as comprehensive and efficient as possible. Each one has been designed for easy in-field use and access from all devices.


Instantaneous reports are at your fingertips. Auto-generate branded PDF reports with detailed information and high-level metric graphs. Share them instantly with any field staff or teams. Easy-to-understand layouts look professional while making management and analysis a breeze.


Every inspection template in our library has built-in notification features. Send emails, push notifications, or set up automated parameters for inspection type, result, and/or priority to a list of recipients. AnchoRock offers granular alert customization to suit your needs and to make your safety program as efficient and lightweight as possible.


Don’t have exactly what you’re looking for? Not a problem. Customize your own inspection checklist with our drag-and-drop inspection builder. Add and personalize exactly the fields you need with ease.

“AnchoRock safety software allows us to put an emphasis on safety in everything we do. This in turn creates a safer and more productive work environment.”

Blaine, Safety Director

Design Electric Co.

“Accessing our safety documentation in AnchoRock is 100 times easier than filing paper documents in a cabinet or even scanning them into our network folders.”

Gary, Construction Manager

Boyett Construction

“AnchoRock had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a click away in one platform. The ease of use makes it easy to train front line workers. It’s the best all-around document management system and compliance tool for the price.”

Keith, Safety Director

Monterey Mechanical

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