Certification Tracking & Safety Training Management

AnchoRock’s construction compliance management software lets businesses easily digitize their paperwork and save hours weekly with effortless certification and safety training management.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Training Management

Manage Your Construction Safety Program In No Time

Using Excel spreadsheets or hard copies to manage your employees’ certifications is time-consuming, outdated, and long due for an upgrade.

AnchoRock’s Certification and Training Management module saves safety leaders valuable hours every week by streamlining paperwork, managing your records, notifying you of upcoming expirations, creating reports, and recording employee activity — all while being easy to use for both in-field and office personnel.

AnchoRock Construction Management Certification

Training & Certifications At Your Fingertips

AnchoRock provides a fully digital safety compliance database that can be accessed from anywhere and any device. Find and share data points, training records, certification requirements, and more – quickly and easily from your mobile device or computer.

Safety and Compliance Solutions for your Training Program


Auto-generated reports do hours of work for you

Color-coded notifications that are easy to read and understand

A certificate library is like a file concierge who organizes everything

In-app shortcuts allow for fast and easy navigation


Robust filters allow you to identify and analyze data like never before

Easily generate Excel reports to integrate into existing workflow

One-touch PDF reports are created and delivered in seconds

Seamless image uploads make reporting and data management instantaneous


Manage, approve, and issue certificates from any device, anywhere

Track expirations, manage records, and alert employees of upcoming deadlines

Set and schedule notifications for upcoming certs. or important dates

Efficient, all-digital workforce  management

AnchoRock Construction Safety Management

Any Device, Any Employee, Any Time

AnchoRock syncs across every device–phone, tablet, computer, iPhone, Android, web portal, mobile application, you name it. 

Any updates on the web portal will automatically sync to every internet-connected device, allowing real-time transparency from anywhere. Wherever you use it, you can rely on a constantly updated and refreshed database that presents every user with real-time information. 

No more communication breakdowns between the field and the office. No more lags or delays caused by tedious manual verification. Now, foremen in the field know exactly what to share during the pre-task or tailgate meetings, and safety teams can view and manage a directory of all employees and certifications at any time, from anywhere.

QR Code Technology

AnchoRock uses QR code functionality on all devices to unlock a new level of safety preservation and employee tracking for in-field personnel. With one quick scan of an employee’s QR code, foremen and safety teams can gain instant access to their certification and training records.

AnchoRock auto-generates a QR code for every user added to the system. These codes are also designed for quick and easy badge and sticker printing, making it even easier to adopt in the field.

Discover our QR code technology options for private and public construction safety program management.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Program QR Codes

Keep Managers And Employees Aligned And On-Time Every Step Of The Way

Built for Construction Safety Pros by Construction Safety Pros


Instantly generate branded reports with a custom heading, making you look like a pro. Create branded reports of each employee for general contractors, and other parties to review easily. Perfectly package all of your training history and employee certifications in custom-branded and professionally formatted documents.


Create and set custom reminders around training, allowing both administrators and users to stay up to date. Receive monthly reports of all users with certification expiring in the next 45 days, as well as other notifications at 30 days, 7 days, and day-of.

“AnchoRock safety software allows us to put an emphasis on safety in everything we do. This in turn creates a safer and more productive work environment.”

Blaine, Safety Director

Design Electric Co.

“Accessing our safety documentation in AnchoRock is 100 times easier than filing paper documents in a cabinet or even scanning them into our network folders.”

Gary, Construction Manager

Boyett Construction

“AnchoRock had the all-in-one system we were looking for. Everything is at your fingertips just a click away in one platform. The ease of use makes it easy to train front line workers. It’s the best all-around document management system and compliance tool for the price.”

Keith, Safety Director

Monterey Mechanical

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