With the right construction safety management software, organizations can ensure that all of their employees comply with industry regulations, reduce the risk of accidents and injury, and maximize workplace efficiency.

By selecting a solution such as AnchoRock or SiteDocs, businesses will benefit from an array of features designed to promote workplace safety and simplify compliance processes. In a crowded market, it can be hard to identify the best construction safety management software that allows users to improve safety in their operations.

A comprehensive software like AnchoRock, for example, can also help foremen and site managers record safety meetings, keep track of their attendance, organize jobsite tasks and equipment, save time, and — most importantly — work safely.

Before you choose a training and safety software, it’s important that you thoroughly understand its features and how easy it is to use. This will help you make an informed decision regarding your company’s needs.

In this article, we’ll be comparing the two construction safety compliance software providers, AnchoRock and SiteDocs. We’ll also break down their key features and provide you with the information you need to know to pick the best fit for your team.

What is AnchoRock?

AnchoRock is the ultimate construction safety management software that offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing programs, compliance tasks, and increasing security on the jobsite. Its user-friendly mobile app allows users to control and manage their workflows in real-time from any device.

AnchoRock simplifies OSHA requirements and reduces paperwork with its secure storage system, enabling all records to be tracked, updated, and shared, all without missing a beat. Responsible teams can streamline certification processes, organize details of their staff training, job hazard analysis, tailgate meetings, and so much more – all with one easy-to-use platform accessible from any device.

With AnchoRock in place, you can rest assured that your organization is meeting government regulations as well as ensuring accident-free jobsites.

What is SiteDocs?

SiteDocs provides a basic set of features that include the ability to build custom forms, create and share documents, job hazard analysis, and follow-up actions. It also has access to GPS locations, construction certifications, and offline support.

Unfortunately, SiteDocs does not have many advanced functions that allow users to send site inspection reports, set reminders, automate tasks, and customize workflows. And despite SiteDocs’ promises that it will eventually have these features, many functions still need to be added to improve its capabilities.

Similarities Between AnchoRock and SiteDocs

AnchoRock and SiteDocs are both safety management software solutions that enable users to manage their workflows from any device, stay compliant with industry regulations and reduce the risk of accidents. Both have mobile apps for easy access to job hazard analysis, tailgate meetings, training resources, and more. Records and documents can be tracked in real-time across all devices.

Other major similarities between AnchoRock and SiteDocs include:

  • Improved Workplace Efficiency: Through automation, AnchoRock and SiteDocs help businesses improve workplace efficiency by streamlining operations, minimizing paperwork, reducing manual entry errors, and automating tedious tasks, all of which save users daily time.
  • Increased Safety Awareness: AnchoRock and SiteDocs make it easy and intuitive to increase safety awareness by providing user-friendly interfaces, enabling users to quickly and easily access all the necessary safety information.
  • Improved Communication and Reporting: Teams communicate and generally work better together when they can interact in real-time. Gain accurate control over task execution and costs with automatically generated timesheets.

Top 5 Differences Between AnchoRock and SiteDocs

Now we know what both AnchoRock and SiteDocs have in common, we’ll analyze the main differences between these two safety management software:

#1 Reporting and Response Management

AnchoRock lets you generate branded and customized reports, integrate Excel documents into existing workflows, deliver PDF reports, and more. You can also create real-time incident reports alerts, letting you manage the response at the moment for more efficient and safe work development.

#2 Safety Topics

While SiteDocs has some safety topics, AnchoRock has a deep library of over 70+ common construction topics, safety topics, etc. You can also easily upload your own topics, or have the AnchoRock team create a personalized topic or template for you.

#3 QR Code Integration

AnchoRock stands out by offering private and public QR codes on badges or hardhat stickers that provide quick, easy access to individuals’ certification and training histories. This includes the employee’s name, company name, title, certificate names, issue and expiration dates as well as certificate images. SiteDocs does not offer this integration.

#4 Features

AnchoRock provides a more comprehensive set of features and deeper capabilities than SiteDocs. Some of the many additional functionalities that AnchoRock offers out of the gate that you won’t find with SiteDocs include the ability to create and set custom reminders around training, schedule notifications for upcoming expiration certifications and/or important dates, and much more.

Because of their integration with the California Department of Industrial Relations Certified Electricians Database, with AnchoRock, you can also have the State Certificate verified instantly.

#5 Insights and Analytics

AnchoRock provides enhanced analytics and data capabilities compared to SiteDocs, allowing teams to gain more insight into their operations. With detailed reports and customizable dashboards, teams can easily track key metrics and make data-driven decisions.


SiteDocs is a basic, entry-level workplace safety management solution that allows companies to maintain and enhance their workplace safety programs via mobile and web apps. It helps organizations to go paperless by enabling them to access and organize documentation online and offline. SiteDocs is a good choice for small companies with limited safety management needs.

Since its inception, AnchoRock has been dedicated to providing the best possible construction safety management software. The app’s numerous features and powerful tools make it easy to manage all aspects of a project while putting safety first and meeting every worker’s needs in and out of the field.

Contact AnchoRock now and start to streamline your work quickly, efficiently, and safely today.