Talk is cheap, and it’s easy to claim to be the number 1 safety management software. The difference is that AnchoRock can actually prove why it deserves the title, which is why we’ll take you through all the benefits and value-adds that make AnchoRock the best construction safety compliance software of 2023.

While other safety software systems don’t have all the tools integrated into one single platform, or they promise that — “one day” — their app will offer everything you need to operate safely and efficiently, AnchoRock already has everything built-in from day one, with near limitless customization options that conform to your business.

In this article, we want to show you how you can take advantage of what AnchoRock offers that other software can’t.

A Built-in Construction Safety Program Right in Your Pocket

AnchoRock was created to support your projects, your personnel’s safety, and your construction business’s growth — and to help you to invest your valuable time and money back into your business.

Our mobile-optimized software is the most complete and easy to use for everyone, including field personnel, no matter your age, technical skill, or background.

You can efficiently manage it all from a single all-digital platform with instant communication, and automatic organization — with no paperwork, in-depth training, third parties, or multiple apps. AnchoRock and its team are ready to help make your business’ safety program smarter, safer, and easier. From tailgate meetings, job hazard analysis, inspections and observations, incidents, construction certifications, safety docs and training, compliance tracking and reporting, and beyond.

For example, we all know that creating tasks, hazards, and hazard controls is time-consuming, which is why AnchoRock’s JHA module has intuitive layouts that make it dead simple for everyone to use. Every user will save valuable time with intuitive features and thoughtful shortcuts built into the user experience.

Manage and add attendees, collect digital signatures, and seamlessly organize your entire safety program into our digital compliance management system software.

Instantly generate branded reports and send them directly to all necessary parties to show proof of meeting, inspection details, and high-level metrics and trends, and schedule emails or push notifications to specific people or groups based on JHA content and outcomes.

Save Up to 20 Hours per User per Month

At the end of the day, the easier compliance tracking and reporting are, the safer your workforce will be.

When it comes to compliance tracking and reporting, AnchoRock has you covered. Our construction project software lets you manage and organize your entire day-to-day from any device, which automatically syncs with all other devices. This means that any updates will be automatically uploaded to every connected device, allowing real-time transparency from anywhere.

You can rely on a constantly updated and refreshed database that provides every user with up-to-date information and keeps managers and employees aligned and on time. Effectively manage your records, set notifications for upcoming expirations, create customized reports, and get full transparency into employees’ activity.

We help organizations save 10 to 20 hours per user per month with our all-digital and mobile-friendly compliance management system software. Top time-saving features include construction management certification, expiration tracking, records management, upcoming deadline alerts, notification scheduling, Excel and PDF reports, data management, data analysis, and so much more.

On a nightly basis, AnchoRock checks the database for changes to expiration dates. If a change is detected, our system updates the certificate within AnchoRock to reflect the new expiration date.

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Ensure Your Jobsites Are Safer Than Ever

AnchoRock lets you instantly manage, organize and share field-driven JHAs, JSAs, and Pre-Task Plans from any device. By creating a fully-digital and paperless system, you can work faster and smarter while ensuring your jobsites are safer than ever.

With a library of 10+ Job Hazard Analysis templates available that you can quickly duplicate, our Job Hazard Analysis program allows users to instantly identify and mitigate hazard risk on any specific jobsite in a fast, seamless, and powerful way only possible with AnchoRock.

You can also determine the appropriate site safety training and PPE your team needs to stay safe during hazardous work. Every JHA, JSA, or Pre-Task Planning template can be configured to include checklists, including the most common for safety equipment, tools, and everything else required for the job.

Plus, if you need other configurations or templates, our development team is ready to build and upload a checklist to your exact specifications and requirements.

Save Time. Save Money. Reduce Incidents.

We all know that even the safest jobsites can face unexpected incidents, and the safety of your employees is the absolute number one priority.

That’s why having the correct information at the right place and time, and the ability to have instant response and communication in real-time with team members, is key for everyone to work efficiently and safely — wherever they are.

AnchoRock’s Incident Management toolkit provides a five-step process that alerts you of incidents and supports subsequent investigations that help your team respond to workplace accidents quickly and efficiently.

With our user-friendly and cloud-based dashboard, you and your team can seamlessly document an incident and generate a multi-step report in minutes, not hours. It also identifies metrics and pinpoints trends impacting your daily operations, providing insights that allow you to measure and track key indicators to support your personnel in the field and keep your office operating smoothly.

AnchoRock’s Incident Alerts dashboard allows you to input and access your critical data and compliance reports from any device in real-time. Built-in notifications instantaneously alert critical stakeholders of an incident, helping you collect information and responses from other parties to document all communication related to an event.

You can also manage comprehensive investigations and highlight critical data such as incident type, injury potential, damaged parts, and agency response, along with other essential details such as witness statements and site diagrams.

In other words, our construction safety compliance software offers all the capabilities to identify trends and develop corrective action plans, ensuring safety remains your top priority.

Built for Construction Safety Professionals, by Construction Safety Professionals

Safer job sites mean fewer hazards, fewer delays, and less money spent on incidents, insurance, or safety personnel. Save valuable time and money for your organization and everything you do.

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