The team at AnchoRock and Arcoro, both safety and compliance management experts, have announced their new partnership to make safety and compliance management in the field as easy and safety-focussed as possible for construction companies across the United States.

The two companies have worked together to build an integration between AnchoRock’s platform, which makes best-in-class safety software tools easily accessible to construction workers on the ground, and Arcoro’s HR-focussed technology, which offers critical data insights for construction workers who need to know if they are on track with safety benchmarks.

Advanced safety management technology

Level-Up Construction Safety

Every year, thousands of workers are injured on the job, making construction one of the most dangerous industries in the world. That’s why AnchoRock and Arcoro have partnered up to make safety and compliance management easier for construction companies around the nation.

With our exciting new software integration, construction companies will be able to track safety data in real-time, ensuring that jobsites are always safe and that companies can easily comply with all regulations, saving valuable time and money.

This is a groundbreaking partnership that will change the construction industry for the better.

About AnchoRock

AnchoRock is a single piece of all-inclusive, mobile-first software that brings safety and compliance management under a single digital roof from any device – tablet, phone, or laptop/desktop. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for safety and compliance management that prioritizes ease-of-use for field personnel. With over 70 modules, AnchoRock software takes care of all the hard work so you can stay focused on what matters most – running your business while keeping your field personnel safe and your office staff informed.

Its modular approach means you can add as many features as needed while maintaining an organized system that helps you avoid pitfalls and keep track of important deadlines. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and expirations and say hello to AnchoRock!

About Arcoro

Arcoro is dedicated to providing HR solutions for companies who care about maintaining compliance. With a distinctly modular approach, their unique and flexible software can be customized to meet any company’s current needs while preparing them for the future. From basic tasks such as payroll processing and time management to more advanced functions like performance reviews, Arcoro has you covered from every angle.

How the Partnership Works

AnchoRock, the leading provider of safety and compliance management software for construction companies, now seamlessly integrates with Arcoro’s renowned Learning Management Systems (LMS). This new union will allow construction companies to easily track OSHA trainings in the field while making it easier for construction companies to manage safety and compliance in one place. That means businesses can efficiently meet their OSHA training requirements and vastly improve safety in the workplace.

One Platform, One Easy-to-Use App

AnchoRock’s new partnership with Arcoro will provide construction companies with one platform to manage all aspects of their safety program, including an easy-to-use app. With this app, construction companies will be able to track safety data in real-time, identify potential hazards, and create a more robust culture of safety on their jobsites. In short, it helps keep workers safe and improve the bottom line for construction companies.

Improving Visibility and Transparency

The new partnership between AnchoRock and Arcoro will improve visibility into safety and compliance activities to identify risks and leading/lagging indicators. This will help construction companies make better decisions about safety and compliance management in the field, as well as streamline the process by providing an easy-to-use platform for construction companies to use.

All reports are mobile, customizable, and provide detailed insights into what’s happening at any given time. With this tool, the management of all inspections is faster, more accurate, and less costly than ever before.

Mobile App > Spreadsheets

The AnchoRock and Arcoro partnership provides construction companies with an easy-to-use mobile app that quickly and easily unlocks data from spreadsheets and puts it directly into the hands of field personnel. This is a major breakthrough for safety and compliance management in the construction industry, as it allows companies to better track their safety performance and streamlines compliance by providing access to up-to-date information on certifications and expirations.

Efficient, Next-Level OSHA Compliance

Employees at AnchoRock work hard on a daily basis to ensure the company meets its commitment of providing the best experience possible to its customers. The addition of Arcoro’s LMS means they have access to a more efficient process for OSHA compliance, one that provides an additional layer of security. With this new integration, field staff can quickly and efficiently create, submit, and track OSHA-mandated safety processes, helping construction companies save time and money while ensuring that their employees are safe.

Instant Access

With this new partnership, all users will have instant access to all safety data for reporting and recordkeeping. This will allow construction companies to track their safety performance in real-time and make necessary changes to improve their safety programs. Construction managers are now able to monitor field staffs’ compliance levels remotely from any device at any time while office staff stay up-to-date with documentation and communication from the field.

Construction firms often face difficulties managing multiple sites at once or keeping track of inspector activities on multiple projects simultaneously. All while ensuring that each and every field worker is fully qualified to do their jobs!

AnchoRock and Arcoro are thrilled to offer a safety and compliance management solution that’s easier, more productive, and more accurate than any software or existing workflow that construction companies are utilizing. This solution provides real-time inspection data and generates reports in one easy-to-use dashboard so all stakeholders in the project have visibility into current safety status.

The integration of the two powerful technologies makes it possible for the first time to create an integrated platform where all things safety can be seamlessly managed.