Our Mission & History


AnchoRock aims to deliver a software solution for the construction industry that improves safety education, compliance, and awareness so that field professionals can minimize risk and perform their jobs at the safest level possible.

AnchoRock Safety Management Software CEO Taylor Thorn

Taylor Thorn CEO

With a strong construction and technology background, and years of experience working with business start-ups developing mobile project solutions, CEO Taylor Thorn wanted to create a tool that would be easy to use in a fast-paced environment but robust enough to provide useful insights and analytics to safety teams across organizations. AnchoRock is the first and only app wholly dedicated to covering every aspect of a construction safety program that fits into the lives of everyday field staff.


AnchoRock Safety Management Software Lead Backend Engineer Yogi Marsal

Yogi Marsal Lead Backend Engineer

Yogi Marsal is a self-driven back-end software engineer and development operation specialist with a passion for designing and building high-performance and scalable solutions to solve complex tech problems. He was one of AnchoRock’s first expert team members who helped bring this app to life.

AnchoRock Safety Management Software Lead Mobile Engineer Ansyar Hafid

Ansyar Hafid Lead Mobile Engineer

As one of the first team members who joined AnchoRock, Ansyar Hafid is an iOS development expert with years of experience programming and working in the creative industry. His knowledge is key for leading the whole AnchoRock mobile team and staying hyper-focused on maintaining a design that is simple and easy to use.


AnchoRock Safety Management Software Customer Success Manager Jenn Opalka

Jenn Opalka Customer Success Manager

From implementation to deployment, to working with customers to get accounts set up, Jenn Opalka manages all aspects and handles all kinds of requests. Thanks to her skills and full experience in customer success, support, and engagement, she’s the perfect partner for AnchoRock’s customers at every stage of their needs.


AnchoRock Safety Management Software Account Manager Rosanna Camporeale

Rosanna Camporeale Account Manager

AnchoRock is about making things simple and being the ideal fit for their client’s unique needs. With more than ten years of account management experience focussed specifically on client satisfaction, Rosanna Camporeale knows firsthand how to provide the best support and can ensure that all of AnchoRock’s customers have all the help and support they need each and every day.


AnchoRock Safety Management Software Sales Director West Coast Chris Coghlan

Chris Coghlan Sales Director — West Coast

With a strong knowledge of construction, technology, and occupational safety experiences, Chris Coghlan was the first sales expert who joined AnchoRock. He has helped to shape its frontline product development while building a customer base across all construction trades, playing a major role in new business development, client care, and national industry partnership with his unique understanding of product market fit.


AnchoRock Safety Management Software Sales Manager East Coast Mark Hogan

Mark Hogan Sales Manager — East Coast

As a sales manager expert, Mark Hogan understands perfectly what AnchoRock offers to their potential and existing customers. He supports the sales team and helps them achieve their goals by carefully considering AnchoRock’s customers’ experiences and helping them achieve greater workforce efficiency and safety.

Our Mission & History


AnchoRock is the construction companies’ solution for making job sites safer and fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. With a ‘mobile-first’ approach, we strive to bring simple software tools to field leadership so they can easily and effectively manage safety certifications and training, as well as track progress on data-driven safety milestones. 

We believe that when you remove the obstacles surrounding safety education and compliance, everyone on a construction site is ultimately more protected, and they can focus on doing exceptional work at the highest level. We want to make safety and compliance second nature, not something that slows teams down or gets forgotten altogether.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Management Software
AnchoRock Construction Safety Management Software

AnchoRock users are busy, hard-working construction supervisors who need a way to manage their crews’ safety training without having a mountain of paperwork to keep track of. They’re committed to maintaining OSHA compliance and running effective toolbox talks that educate their staff. Superintendents and job foremen who want simple-to-use tools that empower the team to get more work done safely are the lifeblood of the AnchoRock platform.

From incident reporting to QR-coded employee certifications, AnchoRock has developed a number of invaluable software tools that make job site safety stronger while saving money and giving time back to employees. We aim to replace safety hazards and miscommunications on the job site with time efficiency and peace of mind.

Our mobile-first platform takes the guesswork out of safety compliance, enabling site leads to easily view, organize, and update each crew member’s certification status at the touch of a button. With a plethora of intuitive, forward-thinking features at their fingertips at all times, users can track and update team progress, as well as get suggestions on how to improve conversations about safety.

Our Mission & History


AnchoRock was founded in 2018 by veterans of the construction and technology industries who saw a concerning product gap within construction safety and compliance applications. They realized there was a void in the field regarding digital record-keeping and began to see a direct correlation to the frequency of safety mishaps on construction sites. 

As AnchoRock was developed, the focus was on creating mobile-first features with the term ‘comprehensive’ as the guiding mantra. There should be a single place that site leads could go to get a complete snapshot of their team’s safety compliance health, as well as the ability to take necessary action when needed. 

From the onset, we stressed the importance of creating a client-first product, where everything was centered around making work easier for users. Not only should onboarding a new account be a breeze, but educating new customers and continuously helping them optimize their experience is equally important. The AnchoRock team works every day to distill new ideas into products that ultimately make customers’ lives better.

AnchoRock Construction Safety Management Software

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