Digital transformation is critical to the success of any modern enterprise, and no one appreciates that fact, or the importance of streamlining jobsite safety programs, better than AnchoRock.

That’s why we offer customized solutions based inside a single piece of all-inclusive, mobile-first compliance management software.

From Tailgate Meetings to Job Hazard Analysis, Construction Safety Training to Compliance Tracking and Reporting, AnchoRock has everything construction businesses need to create safer and more productive work environments for those in the field, in the office, and everywhere in between.

Here are six transformative improvements your business can look forward to after using AnchoRock:

1# Increase Operational Efficiency

The success of a construction safety program is entirely dependent on field personnel buy-in. Any procedure change must be intuitive, accessible, and easy to learn.

AnchoRock has made construction safety paperless and effortless, accessible from any device, and compatible with any operating system. You can rely on long-term compliance management solutions that adapt and grow alongside your construction company.

We help construction companies in every industry save valuable time and money while reducing safety hazards by digitizing and synchronizing everything related to their safety and compliance programs.

Featuring a deep library of over 70+ construction safety topics and a powerful list of features, our app revolutionizes how construction companies manage their day-to-day jobsite safety.

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2# Data-Based Insights & Analytics

With AnchoRock’s suite of Safety HQ features, you can instantly create customized and branded reports and send them to your contacts with topics, attendees, and signatures, all with just a few clicks.

You can also perform quick Safety Audits to ensure supervisors and field users remain in full compliance with all OSHA and company protocols.

It also allows users to see completion percentages and analytics that provide valuable employee insights, including full transcripts of users and meeting attendance.

Toolbox Talks features seamless integration with our Observations module so you can have the most relevant and up-to-date information to address anything that requires special attention.

With AnchoRock, you can do it all. Blackwater Electric has been a happy AnchoRock customer and Toolbox Talk user. Discover what they have to say!

3# Reduces Hazards & Incidents

With the ability to instantly manage, organize, and share detailed inspection reports for jobsites, equipment, and anything related to your construction safety program, AnchoRock makes construction businesses smarter and their jobsites safer.

No more fumbling around with hard copies or waiting for the office manager to get back to you about that old box of employee certs. AnchoRock’s Safety Docs library ensures all pertinent safety documents are readily available on the jobsite and to every team member you choose. That means fewer hazards and fewer incidents across the board.

Digitized inspections mean less hassle, instant communication, and automatic organization that keeps crews accountable, informed, and protected.

4# Seamless User Experience

Our feature-packed Inspections tool completes, organizes, and distributes any jobsite or equipment inspection with just a few clicks from any device at any time.

Choose from 30+ templates, customize forms with fields specific to your jobsite or position, or request a personalized inspection template. You can easily add notes and attach images, share actions and observations in real-time, create PDF reports with inspection details and analytics, and set automated notifications for any relevant personnel.

An always-on shortcut can be found in the menu from any device, and provides a ready-to-do inspection template for immediate completion and distribution.

While other safety and compliance software apps don’t offer personalized services, at AnchoRock, we can create custom-configured forms to suit your exact needs and specifications.

Discover how we helped one of our clients to develop eight inspection templates to maximize their workflow’s potential

5# Easy QR Coding

Allow safety personnel to instantly access, track, and manage construction safety certifications and construction safety training from the field by using the QR functionality.

AnchoRock auto-generates a QR code for every user added to the system. With just one quick scan of an employee’s QR code, foremen and safety teams have instant access to their certification and training records at any time, from any device.

These QR codes are designed for a fast and easy badge and sticker printing, making them even easier to adopt in the field.

Our app features two options: a private QR code and a public QR code.

• The private QR code is the best option if you don’t want the employee’s certification and training records to be available to anyone upon scanning. If you are tracking sensitive data via AnchoRock, or you just want to share specific information with specific people, this option will ensure that only designated recipients have access to data.

• The public QR code is data-sharing open to anyone with a mobile device camera. People can simply scan the QR code, and they will be taken to a webpage that displays the individuals’ certification and training data. The webpage transcript view includes all the essential data, including the employee’s name, company name, title, certificate names, issued dates, expiration dates, and certificate images.

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6# Saves Your Business Time & Money

AnchoRock already has everything you need built-in with near-limitless customization options catered to your business. While other safety software systems don’t have all the tools integrated into one single platform, or they promise that — one day — their app will add all the tools or functionalities you need, AnchoRock is truly the all-in-one answer.

Each user saves 1-2 days per month when using AnchoRock, putting more time back in their pockets to work on your business rather than for it. That time saved can also help some business owners avoid additional staffing.

More importantly, AnchoRock helps safety managers, project managers, and field staff alike stay safer, certified, and aware on the jobsite, and fewer incidents mean fewer worker’s comp, insurance claims, OSHA fines, or legal fees.

Designed with efficiency at the forefront, our app helps you spend less time preparing, organizing, and reporting and more time actually working.

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